Welcome to Lille

The 25th International Symposium on Gas Kinetics and Related Phenomena was held from                   22nd- 26th July in Lille, France, in the Plenary hall of Hauts de France gouvernment.

The conference traditionally provides an open forum for the presentation and discussion of the latest research on a wide range of topics related to gas-phase chemical kinetics.This has been expanded over recent years to cover all aspects of atmospheric and combustion chemistry, with heterogeneous systems involving micro- and nanoparticles getting an increasing role.

NEarly 200 scientifsts from 24 coutnries came together to enjoy presentations in a wide range of topics such as reaction dynamics; atmospheric, interstellar and planetary chemistry; combustion; heterogeneous- and particle-chemistry to name but a few.


The Symposium has a long history, dating back to 1967. It has been held every two years, with host cities generally alternating between continental Europe and the English-speaking world, mainly the UK. The Royal Society of Chemistry’s prestigious Polanyi medal is traditionally presented at this Symposium; recent winners have included Jim Anderson, Craig Taatjes, Mario Molina and Steve Leone. We are proud to award the medal in 2018 for the first time to a woman: Prof. Barbara Finlayson-Pitts, UC Irvine.

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