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A welcome reception will take place on Sunday evening, starting at 6pm, at the brewery "Les 3 Brasseurs", just opposite of the old train station "Lille Flandre".

The scientifqiue program starts on Monday morning at 9am.

Here you can download the Program  (you will receive a printed copy of the program during registration).

You can download the book of abstracts here.


Sunday, July 22rd, 2018

Starting at 6pm:    Welcome reception and registration at "Les 3 Brasseurs", juste opposite of the old train

                                 station Lille Flandre


Monday, July 23rd, 2018


Opening, Chair: Andrew Rickard


9h00      Introduction


9h20      Plenary Lecture: A. Ravishankara, Colorado State University

   Association Reactions: My Associations with Prof. Ian W.M. Smith


10h00    Olivier Durif, Institut de Physique de Rennes

   CRESUSOL, a New Instrument for Determining Kinetics and Branching Ratios of

   Elementary Processes at low Temperatures


10h20    David Bones, University of Leeds

   Field Observations, Laboratory Measurements and Model Simulations of Ni

   Ablation and Subsequent Chemical Reactions in the Earth’s Mesosphere.


10h40    Coffee break


Atmospheric Chemistry I, Chair: Stanley Sander


11h20    Plenary Lecture: Geoffrey Tyndall, NCAR Boulder

              Formation of Alkyl Nitrates from Some Mid-Sized Alkanes


12h00    Damien Amedro, MPI Mainz

   Re-evaluation of the Rate Constant for OH + NO2 – The Effect of H2O on one of the

   Most Important Atmospheric Reactions


12h20    Lei Zhu, Wadsworth Center, New York State University

   Role of 2-Nitrophenol and Methyl-2-nitrophenol Photolysis as Missing Sources of

   OH and HONO in Some Polluted Environments: Implications from Laboratory



12h40    Presentation of RSC Environment Medal to Dwayne Heard, University of Leeds


 12h50    Lunch


New Methods, Chair: Aamir Farooq


 14h10    Plenary Lecture: Sebastien Dusanter, IMT Lille Douai

   Integrated Measurements of Atmospheric Chemistry: Moving Laboratory

   Experiments into the Field


14h50    Graham Boustead, University of Leeds

   Development of a Photo-fragmentation Laser Induced Fluorescence Instrument for

   the Measurement of Nitrous Acid


15h10    Aileen Hui, California Institute of Technology

   Direct Detection of OH Radicals using mid-IR 2-f Frequency Modulation 

   Spectroscopy for Temperature Dependence Studies of HO2 + CH3C(O)O2


15h30    Frank Winiberg, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

   Study of key OH + NOx/NOz reactions under upper troposphere/lower stratosphere



 15h50    Coffee break and photo on the stairs in the entrance hall


 Combustion I, Chair: Gernot Friedrichs


16h30    Plenary Lecture: Frédérique Battin-Leclerc, CNRS Nancy

Recent Progress on Hydroperoxide Chemistry during Gas-phase Oxidation of Fuel Components


17h10    Zachary Buras, Sandia National Laboratories

              Using OH and HO2 Radicals as Markers of Biofuel Ignition Properties


17h30    Fethi Khaled, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

              On the Reaction Kinetics of Dienes with OH Radicals


17h50    One-minute flash presentation of posters presented by PhD students



18h10 Odd numbers Poster session, beer and food

           All around the plenary hall


 Tuesday, July 24th, 2018


 Structure-Activity Relationship, Chair: Mark Blitz


9h00      Plenary Lecture: Tim Wallington, Ford Motor Company

   Structure Activity Relationships for Atmospheric Models: Current Status and Future



9h40      Mark Goldman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

              Fate of Peroxy Radicals in Atmosphere, Combustion, and Everywhere in Between


10h00    Max McGillen, University of Bristol

   An Assessment of Structure-Activity Relationship Performance in Predicting the

   Gas-Phase Rate Coefficients of Organic Compounds with Hydroxyl, Ozone, Nitrate

   and Chlorine


10h20    Luc Vereecken, Forschungszentrum Jülich

   Validation and Extension of a Structure-Activity Relationship for Reactions of

   Criegee Intermediates



 10h40    Coffee break


 Atmospheric Chemistry II, Chair: John Orlando


11h20    Jim Lin, Academia Sinica, Taipei

              Kinetics of Criegee Intermediates


10h40    Mohamad Al Ajami, University of Lille

   ROOOH: the Missing Piece of the Puzzle for OH measurements in low NO



12h00    Diego Medeiros, University of Leeds

   Investigations of OH Recycling in the Isoprene + OH Reaction in the Presence of

   Oxygen: Shedding Light on the Missing OH


12h20    Barbara Nozière, CNRS Lyon

              Speciated Monitoring of Organic Peroxy Radicals: First Laboratory Applications


  12h40    Lunch


 Astrochemistry, Chair: Sébastien Le Picard


14h10    Plenary Lecture: Catherine Walsh, University of Leeds

              Astrochemistry: Molecule Formation at the Frontier of Physics


14h50    Elena Jimenez, University of Castilla – La Mancha

   Ultra-low Temperature Kinetics of the OH-Reaction with Oxygenates in the

   Interstellar Medium


15h10    Niclas West, University of Leeds

   Low Temperature Gas Phase Reaction Rate Coefficient Measurements: Toward

   Modeling of Stellar Winds


15h30    Xiaofeng Tang, Chinese Academy of Sciences

              Multiplex Synchrotron VUV Photoionization Methods for Radical Reactions in

              Atmospheric Chemistry: CH3 + O2


 15h50    Coffee break


 Combustion II, Chair: Nathalie Lamoureux


16h30    Te-Chun Chu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

              Phenyl Radical Addition to Unsaturated Hydrocarbons: Product Distributions &



16h50    Kacee Caster, West Virginia University

   Investigations into the Reaction of Cyclopentadiene with CH Radicals: A Novel

   Route to Benzene Formation


17h10    Cato Pappjin, Ghent University

   Thermal Decomposition of Sulfur Compounds: Kinetic Modeling and Experimental



17h30    James Thorpe, University of Florida

              Modeling the Thermal Decomposition of Methyl Acetate: a Study in Combustion


17h50    One-minute flash presentation of posters presented by PhD students


18h10 Even numbers Poster session, beer and food

           All around the plenary hall


Wednesday, July 25th, 2018


 Multiphase Chemistry, Chair: Khatuna Kakhiani


9h00      Plenary Lecture: Barbara d'Anna, CNRS Marseille

              SOA Formation from Photoxidation of Vehicle Exhaust Emissions


9h40      Fabien Goulay, West Virginia University

   Effect of Dimerization on the OH-Initiated Heterogeneous Oxidation of Saccharide



10h00    Chia Wang, National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan

   Probing the Electronic Structures, Interfacial Solvation Properties and Surface pH of

   Organic-containing Aqueous Nanoaerosols


10h20    Césaire Fotsing Kwetche, University of Lille

   Combining Quantum Chemistry with Classical Molecular Dynamics for the

   Theoretical Study of Radical Reactivity at the Surface of Organic Aerosols


10h40    Matti Rissanen, University of Helsinki and Zhandong Wang, King Abdullah

              University of Science and Technology

   Highly Oxidized Products from Rapid Alkane Autoxidation Part 1 – Implications for

   Atmospheric Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation

   Highly Oxidized Products from Rapid Alkane Autoxidation Part 2 – Implications for

   Ignition in Combustion Science


11h10    Coffee break


Combustion III, Chair: Zeynep Serinyel


11h50    Franklin Goldsmith, Brown University

              Decomposition Kinetics for HONO and HNO2


12h10    Ruben Van de Vijver, Sandia National Laboratories

              KinBot: Automated Stationary Point Localization on Potential Energy Surfaces


12h30    Ghanshyam Vaghihani, Air Force Research Lab 

   High-level Multi-reference Wave Function and Density Functional Theory

   Treatment of the N2H3 + NO2 Reaction


12h50    Lunch bag and departure for excursion


Thursday, July 26th, 2018


Elementary processes, Chair: Scott Kable


9h00      Plenary Lecture, Matt Costen, Heriot-Watt University

              Inelastic and Reactive Scattering at Gas-Liquid Interfaces


9h40      Jeremy Bougalais, Université de Versailles Saint Quentin en Yvelines

   Gas-Phase Radical Reactions with Hydrocarbons and Amines Probed by Multiplexed

   Synchrotron VUV Photoionization Mass Spectrometry


10h00    Mitchio Okumura, California Institute of Technology

   Kinetic Isotope Effect in the Reactions of OH and O(1D) with Isotopologues of



10h20    Adriana Caracciolo, Università degli Studi di Perugia

   Crossed Molecular Beams and Theoretical Studies of the O(3P) + 1,2-Butadiene

   Reaction: Primary Products, Branching Ratios and Intersystem Crossing


10h40    Coffee break


Atmospheric Chemistry III, Chair: Jean-François Doussin


11h20    Plenary Lecture: Andreas Hofzumahaus, Forschungszentrum Jülich

   Atmospheric Simulation Chamber Experiments: Bridging the Gap Between

   Laboratory and Field Studies


12h00    Gabriel Da Silva, University of Melbourne

              Isomerization and Decomposition of Isoprene’s Delta-(Z)-Hydroxyperoxyl Radicals


12h20    Rasmus Otkjær, University of Copenhagen

   Atmospheric Autoxidation is Increasingly Important in Urban and Suburban North



12h40    Lunch



Chamber Studies, Chair: Alexandre Tomas


14h10    Peter Wiesen, University of Wuppertal

              A Gas Kineticist’s Life: a Reminiscence to Dr. Ian Barnes


14h30    Mike Newland, University of York

   The Photolysis Mechanism of Monoaromatic Ring Opening Products - Unsaturated

   1,4 Dicarbonyls - from Chamber Experiments


14h50    Iustinian Gabriel Bejan, University "Al. I. Cuza" Iasi

              Products and Mechanisms for the Atmospheric Oxidation of Dimethylbenzoquinones


15h10    Axel Fouqueau, LISA, University of Paris Est - Créteil

   Reactivity of γ-Terpinene and α-Terpinene with NO3 Radical: a Comparative Kinetic

   and Mechanistic Study


15h30    Freja F. Oesterstroem, University of Leeds

   Kinetic Study of the CH3O2 + HO2 Cross-reaction in the Highly Instrumented

   Reactor for Atmospheric Chemistry


15h50    Coffee break


Combustion IV, Chair: Jürgen Troe


16h30    Rajakumar Balla, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

              Cl Atom Initiated Photo-oxidation Reaction Kinetics of Methyl and Ethyl Propionate


16h50    Isabelle Weber, Karlsruher Institut für Technology

               Thermal Decomposition of CH3I Revisited: Consistent Calibration of I-atom Concentrations Behind Shock Waves  with Dual I-/H-ARAS


17h10    Michael Burke, Columbia University

              Pressure Dependence of Chemically Termolecular Reactions


17h30 Polanyi lecture: Barbara Finlayson-Pitts

           University of California Irvine

           Multiphase Chemistry in the Atmosphere: It All Starts with Gases


19h30    Banquet at the Omnia Restaurant


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